Company Policy

To All Our Customers and Sales Personnel:
I would like to start by thanking you for the plants you have purchased from us in the past and especially in the last 12 months. Without your business and the demand for our products, we would not be able to continue to increase our tree and shrub production.

To continue to fill your needs we must at this time implement some company policies. Most of these deal with time needed to process and ship orders and limiting the hold time on confirmed orders.

  1. From the time of order confirmation on all container products, we need a minimum of three (3) workdays prior to shipping/pick up. This is a minimum and could possibly be longer depending on items out of our control such as the weather, available trucking options and manpower. (ie: An order confirmed on Thursday would not be ready to ship/pickup until at least Monday. An order confirmed on Monday would not be ready until at least Thursday).
  2. From time of order confirmation on all field grown (B&B) plants, we require a minimum of five (5) workdays prior to shipping/pick up. (ie: An order confirmed on Thursday would not be ready to ship/pick up until the following Thursday).
  3. Once a truck is put on our schedule for loading, we request no changes be made to the order. We understand that at times there are circumstances which you or we cannot control, but we need to limit changes to a minimum after the truck is scheduled please.
  4. Once an order is dug, it will be shipped as confirmed.
  5. We will only hold confirmed orders for a maximum of three (3) months. Items not shipped at the end of the three (3) month period will go back into inventory and the order will be cancelled.

We are blessed with employees who are and always have been willing to work long hours in harsh conditions to get their jobs done. Please understand that our need for these changes in no way reflects any ingratitude on our part; I start everyday giving thanks to God for His blessings and you are part of that.

Thank you –

Terry Hines and All of Us Here at Hale & Hines Nursery, Inc.