Welcome to Hale and Hines

At Hale and Hines Nursery we specialize in producing large container grown shade and flowering trees. We offer large plants in 15, 30, and 45 gallon containers. Our customers include wholesalers, garden centers, municipalities and landscapers. Our extensive lineup of plants is made up of over 400 varieties of container trees as well as over 60 varieties of field grown trees. Among these, we have large selections of container grown Red Maples, Japanese Maples, Flowering Dogwoods, Southern Magnolias, Deciduous Magnolias, Oaks, and Ginkgo Bilobas.

Based in middle Tennessee, our moderate climate and central location allows us to ship container trees all over the country. We regularly ship to states in the Midwest as well as all over the north east and south east. READ MORE »

Our first container tree production began in the spring of 2003. We now have 200 acres of container production, primarily large shade and flowering trees in 15, 30 and 45 gallon containers. We produce a large range of shade trees and flowering trees, including 70 Maple varieties (43 of which are Japanese Maples), 32 deciduous and evergreen Magnolias varieties, 19 Redbud varieties, 32 flowering Dogwood varieties, 16 Oak varieties, 21 upright evergreen varieties, and 18 Gingko varieties. We also have field production growing evergreens up to 24′, shade trees up to 6″ caliper, and flowering dogwoods and redbuds up to 4″ caliper, among other varieties.